Welcome To The Ballot Box

We are a unique Homeowner Association Election and Voting Administration Services Company. We provide service to Homeowners Associations of all types and sizes throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. We conduct the service to elect the Association’s Board of Directors to ensure an impartial and fair result as the designated Inspector of Elections.


Our Services

The Ballot Box offers complete election administration service, including attending the meeting, counting ballots and much more. We also provide services for any other matter which needs to be voted on by the community’s membership. We can also customize our services to fit the needs of any community.


Inspector of Elections

The Ballot Box serves as the Inspector of Elections for homeowner association Board of Directors elections.


Voting and Tabulation

We provide voting and tabulation service for any matter which requires a vote of the community’s owners.

Budget Friendly

Our services can usually be accommodated in most budgets because our costs usually replace those of a management company.

Make the SMART Choice!

Reduce liability and increase the validity and professionalism of elections and voting in your community.

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