The Ballot Box, Inc.

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We are a unique Homeowner Association Election and Voting Administration Services Company. We provide service to Homeowners Associations of all types and sizes throughout California, Nevada and Arizona as well as a few additional States. We ensure an impartial and fair result as the designated Inspector of Elections. The Ballot Box offers complete election administration service, including attending the meeting, counting ballots and much more. We provide services for any matter which needs to be voted on by the community’s membership. A recall of the Board of Directors, a change to the CC&R’s or Bylaws, an increase to the regular assessments or even approval of a special assessment or just the regular Election at the Annual Meeting. If the homeowners must vote on it, we handle it. We are familiar with all aspects of homeowner association voting administration, including the sometimes not common aspects such as Delegate Districts and individual weighted voting.

Our services can be accommodated in most budgets because our costs replace those which are often incurred as a billable extra from the management company, already included in the budget. For an annual meeting, including a standard election of the Board members, our service plan includes all of the following and more:

  • Complete document preparation
  • Candidate solicitation
  • Custom ballot preparation and mailing
  • Attendance at meeting with open, observable tabulation process
  • Election/Voting results notification

Make the SMART Choice!

Management professionals and Board Members can help themselves by reducing their liability and increasing the validity and professionalism of elections and voting in their communities. Remove suspicion of improper election procedures or ballot tampering with one phone call to The Ballot Box. Show your communities you care by calling us today.

There is no better source for your community’s election and voting needs.”