California- I have a question regarding my eligibility to vote, whom do I contact to confirm whether or not I can vote?

Eligibility to vote in an election is usually based on your status as an owner in the community. If you are in ‘good standing’, i.e. not delinquent in assessments, not in violation of any rules, then you should be eligible to vote. We would be happy to advise any owner if they have been determined to be ineligible to vote. Click on the tab to Contact Us with questions.

California- How do I know if I am eligible to run as a candidate for the board of directors in my community?

The Ballot Box does not determine the eligibility of any candidate to run in an election. Each community has criteria in their governing documents (usually the Bylaws) which state what is required to be a candidate and/or Director. There may be additional criteria in the adopted Election Rules. Please contact the Association through their managing agent or designated Board Member if your community is not professionally managed.

California- May I bring my completed ballot to the offices of The Ballot Box before the scheduled meeting to be included in the count?

No, The Ballot Box does not receive ballots for any election at any of our office locations. Hand delivery of ballots is permitted at the meeting where the ballots will be opened and counted. The methods for delivery to The Ballot Box are 1) Via United States Postal Service mail in the return envelope included in your voting packet or 2) Tracked delivery such as UPS, Fed-Ex or other certified delivery service. 3) Hand delivery to the assigned Inspector of Election at the meeting.

California- How do I know that my candidate registration and accompanying documents have been received in time for my placement on the ballot?

The Ballot Box provides not one, but two email confirmations to candidates registering with us to run in their community election. The first when we receive the completed application and a second message once we have been notified by the Association that the candidate is eligible to run in the election. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that their Candidate Registration form is received by The Ballot Box by the deadline date noted on the form. If a confirmation is not received from our office that means we did not receive your registration form and you are not a registered candidate.

California- We are being told by our Management Company that we must pay for a professional Inspector. Can’t we use a homeowner volunteer to serve as our inspector?

Absolutely. Homeowner Volunteers are still eligible to serve as Inspector of Election provided they are not on the Board, running for a seat on the Board, not related to someone on the Board or related to someone running for the Board. The homeowner volunteer will still be required to follow all legal procedures set forth in Civil Code and the community’s documents with regards to the election process.

California- What is a Proxy are can they be used to vote in our community?

A “Proxy” is a written document completed and signed by one member in a community giving another member of the community permission to vote on their behalf in person at the meeting. For clarity, see the following:

  1. Proxyholders may only be owners in the community. They may not be family members, friends or other non-owners in the community.
  2. All proxies must be dated and signed by the party giving the proxy.
  3. All voting instructions must be on a separate page
  4. Proxies do not replace ballots.
  5. Proxies may also be used for quorum purposes only.
  6. Confirm with your governing documents that proxies are permitted and if there are restrictions to their use.

California- Why do I have two envelopes with my ballot packet?

Homeowners Association voting requires a secret ballot process using double envelopes. This ensures that the voter’s choices are confidential and in doing so, the voter cannot be harassed or victimized based upon the way they voted.

  1. Secret ballots must be used in:
    1. Election of Directors/Removal (Recall) of Directors
    2. Voting regarding assessments
  • Amending governing documents
  1. Granting the exclusive right to use Common Area
  2. Anything legally requiring a vote by the governing documents

Voting instructions should note that the ballot is to be inserted into the first envelope, sealed and then the first envelope is inserted into the second envelope is again sealed and then the owner’s identification are on the exterior return envelope. The outer envelope must also be signed by an owner to be valid.

California- I submitted or mailed my ballot and have since changed my mind. Can I change my vote?

No, once a ballot has been cast and received by our office it is not revocable. This means the inspector may not give it back to the member casting the vote for any reason whatsoever. You may not submit a replacement either. Another ballot received from the same unit will be void.

California- I have submitted by Candidate Registration form and no longer want to be elected to the Board, may I withdraw my candidacy?

Yes. Please send a withdrawal request via fax to 1-866-648-7869 or it may be emailed to info@ballotboxservices.com  If the ballots have not been printed and time permitting, your name may be removed from  the ballot.

If the ballots have been printed, your name will still be present and can collect votes. Should this be the case, simply provide a written request of your decision to no longer be considered a candidate to the inspector of election on the date of the Homeowners Meeting. If you were to receive enough ballots to be elected, the withdrawal will then become a resignation from the Board.